Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Friends … one and all,

Thanks, merci, gracias, danke, grazie, köszönöm, spasibo, tack, takk, terima kasih, arigato!  My sincere gratitude goes out to all my friends around the world for your Comments, Follows, Shares, Likes and Views on my first six monthly installments of Mike’s Quadrant.  Your genuine interest and collective positive feedback is the fuel I was hoping for and the incentive needed to continue to share my life’s story past, present and future.  For the past 53 years I've been bold enough to try and discover new roads regardless of wherever they may lead, whatever obstacles I may encounter and what I’ll learn at the end of each and every journey, short or long.

Here I'm in "Full Rant" mode last February!
Upon entering the Blogger-sphere last January I inherently sensed it would not be easy.  It has been incredibly taxing and even at times overwhelming on my physical, intellectual, emotional and creative juices in order to generate my monthly content and meet the deliverables.  My hat goes off to those many “true” writers around the world who are tasked with monthly, weekly and often daily deadlines to get their messages out to the world by traditional and new social media platforms.  Personally, I've always been a writer at heart but have chosen to be very discriminating and selective about what, when, where and to whom I share my inner thoughts. 

Hence, Mike’s Quadrant was somewhat of a social experiment to explore this new digital platform while monitoring the overall response and feedback.  While the numbers of supporters are significant I think that only a quantitative review of my blog only tells a part of what you (my friends and readers) reflect back to me.  Looking at all the feedback through a qualitative lens I believe is much more telling as I loved to hear back from those of you who truly took the time to read and view the various installments in their entirety as opposed to those who took a quick glance and didn't offer any feedback at all.  I think this is thereby the BIG unknown about new media because we are all bombarded with information through so many competing platforms vying for our attention that is virtually impossible to follow everything and “weed out” the good from the ordinary and then take valuable time to share your thoughts with me.

For those of you who have been loyal and dedicated readers of Mike’s Quadrant you’ll recall that I've posted 6 installments respectively named: Let the Games Commence, The Olympian Within, The Right Stuff, ‘Round the World Challenge … Revisited, CTV Ottawa - Amazing People and now Friends … One and All. For the record, here is how the raw numbers stack up and I’ll leave it up to you my friends to make of them what you will. As of June 23rd we have received 15,460 Views; 281 Likes, 105 Comments, 63 Shares and 21 Followers.  Perhaps, more important and revealing are the highly qualitative, supportive and complimentary responses which have been threaded throughout the following video segment accompanying my written blog.  In my opinion, many of these thought-provoking comments are the testimony to what the stories really meant to some of my readers and how some of my subject matters truly hit home and resonated.                                              

Here I'm flying in an open cockpit 1941 Stamp .... vintage WWII 
Please note that we will be taking a hiatus in July and will not be posting an installment that month. However, stay tuned for my next Quadrant which will resume and be posted at the end of August.  Keep us on your radar as we will be shifting gears and poised to take on some highly interesting, innovative and controversial subject matters over the coming summer and fall seasons which will be sure to make you laugh and cry and ponder!  If you liked what you've read and watched, please follow me on Google in addition to sending me your comments, “likes” and sharing this story with your network of friends.  I hope to see you on the sunny side of the mountain!

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Skiing and Film Career:


At age 15, Mike Nemesvary set his goal to become the best freestyle skier in the world.  By the mid 1980's he held more than 40 titles in his sport including 3 World Cup Victories; 18 World Cup Podiums; 3 European; 11 Canadian and 5 British Championships.  Mike also developed a successful sideline as a skier and stunt performer in a number of television commercials, programs and feature films including James Bond’s “A View to a Kill” and Willy Bogner’s “Fire and Ice.” 


Spinal Cord Injury:


On May 18th, 1985 Mike’s life dramatically changed during a routine trampoline workout when he attempted a double twisting, double back somersault and blacked-out, landing on his neck instantly becoming a high level quadriplegic, paralysed from the chest down and losing full use of his legs, arms and hands.  Following months of intensive rehabilitation Mike picked up the pieces and began to rebuild his life.  He moved into an accessible home, learned to drive a modified sports car and became a proficient sit skier.  Wanting to share his life-affirming approach he started “The Back Up Trust”; a very successful UK-Based charity raising more than $20 million to enable people with spinal cord injuries to reintegrate back into society and surpass their aspirations by facilitating challenging sports.


Speaking Career and Disability Advocacy:


After completing his post-secondary education in Commerce, Mike developed and honed his skills to become a passionate, powerful and outspoken disability advocate.  He has represented many Not-For-Profit organizations including: World Committee on Disability; March of Dimes; Tetra Society of North America and National Access Awareness Week.  In 1992 he formed Mike Nemesvary & Associates and enjoys a successful and rewarding career as a professional speaker presenting 100's of keynotes, seminars and workshops to local, national and international organizations.  Some of his prestigious clients include: Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company; General Motors Corporation; Bell Canada; National Research Council; Canada Customs and Revenue Agency; Health Canada and the Canadian Injury Prevention Foundation.


‘Round the World Challenge:


Mike then decided to take the ultimate challenge by becoming the first quadriplegic to drive unassisted around the world.  More than 7 years in development, the ‘Round the World Challenge was a grueling circumnavigation lasting 7 months, through 20 countries and clocking more than 40,000 kilometres.  While navigating some of the most treacherous roads, enduring the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures on the planet, Mike also surmounted continual inaccessible stops and accommodations in an unrelenting, exhausting daily schedule.  During the formidable odyssey, Mike also managed to visit 40 medical institutions, gave 52 speaking engagements and wrote weekly columns.  The ‘Round the World Challenge successfully culminated in the Fall of 2001 and raised more than $1.5 million for spinal cord injury rehabilitation and research. His accomplishments received numerous honours and recognition in many countries including the “Key to the City” in Ottawa and the “Meritorious Service Medal” from the Governor General of Canada.


Personal Life:


Mike’s remarkable life has been extensively chronicled as the subject of six international and award winning television documentaries in addition to numerous magazine, newspaper articles, radio interviews and television appearances.  Mike presently resides south of Ottawa with his Partner, Mary Anne McPhee and “Sassy” and “Jigger”, both Labrador Retrievers “Certified Assistance Dogs”.  In his spare time Mikes enjoys sit-skiing, scuba diving, swimming, writing, backgammon, listening to music and playing the harmonica.